The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

One day during a summer health kick I snagged a copy of J.J. Smith’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Maybe it was a lack of time, laziness, or self-discipline but I never read it. Instead the book sat on my bookshelf for two years collecting dust. Judge me if you want. I’m somewhat deserving. However, last week I decided to take the book off the shelf. I went to my local grocery retailer and loaded up on all the goods needed to make the first 5 days worth of smoothies. I want to share my experience with the hope it might help someone else who is currently on or thinking about doing this cleanse. First, let me tell you a little about my myself.

I’m 34 years old. I’ve never been super overweight but I’m not exactly thin either. When I’m at my best I’m 5’5 and 145 lbs, somewhat muscular. Now I’m 5’5 and 165 lbs. I’ve gained 20 lbs over the past three years-a significant amount of weight. This is due to my excessive eating of instant ramen, typically chased with a cold beer. I blame graduate school, and grief. My cats bear responsibility, too, because they often sleep on me, making it impossible to go to the store. If they’re not sleeping on me they’re resting in ridiculously cute poses that make it hard for anyone with a soul to turn away. Despite all of the roadblocks facing me I want to feel better and live within a more healthy weight range. I don’t love chocolate or sweets. My vices are carbs and processed foods like fries, chili-cheese dogs, and tacos from fast-foot hot spots. I have the mindset that anything is possible for 10 days. If a woman can squeeze a baby out her vagina then surely I can abstain from a delicious chili-cheese dog. If a goldfish can swim in a teeny-tiny tank for its entire life, I can say no to a fried fish sandwich smothered in tartar sauce. If Beyoncé can dance in high-heels while singing Halo then I can drink and eat raw foods for the next 10 days, right?

Here I go! Please join me as I journey to a fitter, healthier Elaine. More to come